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BioConstruct invests €14 million in bioenergy for the Magdeburg region

The biogas plant in Vahldorf is the largest single investment of the specialist for turnkey biogas plants, headquartered in Melle, Germany. In April last year Henrik Borgmeyer, CEO of BioConstruct GmbH, presented the plans for construction of a biogas plant in the Börde district, near Magdeburg – with success!


The ground-breaking ceremony for the biomethane plant has now taken place on the five-hectare lot in the Vahldorf Industrial Estate. In this regard BioConstruct is not only the general contractor, via a subsidiary the firm is also the facility owner and, it will be the future operator. After concluding construction, the operating company, Agrarenergie Vahldorf GmbH & Co. KG, will have its registered office in the region and will provide jobs for tradesmen, such as heating engineers or electrical engineers. Overall the investment volume is more than €14 million. This is the largest single investment for the specialist for planning and construction of turnkey biogas, wind energy and photovoltaic projects in Europe. Commissioning of the biogas plant is planned for summer 2019.

"Overall the plant will process approximately 70,000 tonnes of raw materials per year, among other things poultry manure from the immediate surrounding area. From this quantity of raw materials we can obtain 700 cubic meters of methane per hour and ultimately generate power and heat for 22,000 people", Borgmeyer calculates. "We are pleased that we are permitted to implement this ambitious project with the support of the region, as well as support of the DZ Bank Oldenburg and Volksbank Melle."

BioConstruct has planned and built more than 300 biogas plants throughout Europe. In the Vahldorf plant biogas will be obtained from maize, and sugar beets, grown in an area that is within a maximum 15 kilometer radius from the facility. Delivery will occur through local farming, which will also take over the fertiliser produced by the plant. The biogas plant is situated directly on the Mittelland Canal, 600 meters from the town centre, in one of the most fertile landscapes in Germany. Thus an excellent infrastructure and security of supply are ensured.

The biogas obtained in the Börde district in Saxony-Anhalt will be injected on site into the natural gas network of avacon Netz GmbH and sold to e.on Bioerdgas GmbH. "Biogas plants supply energy regardless of wind and sun, and make a considerable contribution to the power mix", explains Borgmeyer. "Moreover, energy generation is highly efficient. Modern biogas combined heat and power co-generation plants achieve greater than 80 percent efficiency". By way of comparison: Large conventional power plants, as a rule, only achieve efficiencies of up to 50 percent due to the absence of heat utilisation.

About BioConstruct
BioConstruct GmbH, headquartered in Melle (Lower-Saxony), Germany, is a leading provider for planning and construction of turnkey biogas, wind energy, and photovoltaic projects in Europe. Since its founding in 2001, the enterprise has implemented more than 400 renewable energy projects in Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey and the Netherlands. With extensive expertise in plant engineering, project development, process engineering, financing, funding and approval, BioConstruct works side-by-side with its partners from the feasibility study, to technical planning, construction of the plant and commissioning, and after-sales service. The general contractor for renewable energy develops custom-tailored complete solutions for farmers, project developers, municipalities, co-ops, public utilities, and landowners. In addition, BioConstruct operates 20 of its own plants. The company has approx. 100 employees and earned turnover of approx. €80 million in 2017.