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Construction of the first biogas plant in France

At the end of October 2015, BioConstruct GmbH signed a contract with Mr. Rathueville, owner and operator of a high-quality pig breeding farm, for the construction of a biogas plant with an electrical capacity of 250 kW. The project is situated in Leffincourt, close to the city Reims. The construction already started a few weeks ago.

Biogasanlage Leffincourt im Bau

The biogas plant is mainly devoted to treat pig slurry, but also solid cattle manure, sugar beet pulp and other agricultural raw materials. It has been designed to suit perfectly into Mr. Rathueville’s pig breeding process. BioConstruct used the existing Installations and validated the overall design of the plant with the customer. On one side, the existing collection pit for the liquid pig manure will be totally integrated to the new installation, on the other side, the exceeding heat, produced by the CHP unit of the biogas plant, will be used for heating the pig stables. This way, Mr. Rathueville will be able to value his pig breeding process on a maximum efficiency level.

Indeed, with more than 40 tons of biomass input each day, the plant should feed about 2.050 MWh of electrical energy into the local grid operated by EDF (the French utility). This amount represents the electrical energy consumption of around 500 inhabitants. The digestate coming out of the fermentation process, will be eventually used as an organic fertilizer for the surroundings agricultural area.

The construction of concrete tanks will be finalized soon and in four weeks BioConstruct will start with the installation of all technical equipment which will be necessary for a high efficient operation of the plant. The CHP unit will be commissioned at the end of this year.

“This new installation is a key-step for our entry into the French market, which is among the most promising in Europe”, states Guillaume Ponsin, BioConstruct’s Head of Sales in France. This project is only the first one of many others which will come up in the near future. Another project with the same size of 250 kW, close to the city of Bourges is in the final phase of project development and the contract for the construction of the plant will be probably signed soon.

With more than 300 projects in operation and 15 years of experience, BioConstruct is a leading provider of turnkey biogas plant solutions in Europe. BioConstruct’s expertise ranges from small farm based biogas plants of 150 kW up to Multi-Megawatt -Plants for waste processing and biomethane grid-injection. With this latest contract, the company from Melle in Lower Saxony has made another successful step in establishing itself in the European market.