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Waste fermentation plant Rapotin (Czech Republic) went into operation!

In June 2016, the biogas plant Rapotin (CZ) close to the city Sumperk, has been commissioned. The input substrates will be delivered from supermarkets, restaurants, agriculture or any other different kind of industry. The total input amount of 30.000 t/a represents an electrical capacity of 905 kWel. The produced electricity will be fed into the local grid and the heat will be used for internal processes and additionally heating of local buildings.

All input substrates will be unloaded in a receiver hall which is equipped with a biofilter. The hall is divided into two sections: section 1 will be designed for the reception of material without required pretreatment (green-line) and section 2 is designed for the reception of waste which needs to be pretreated (waste-line). The waste-line is equipped with a depackaging unit where all packaged material will be shredded and the organics will be separated from plastic etc. These organics will be mixed up with other liquids in a mixing tank and afterwards be pumped to the pasteurization unit. After this process, the stuff is pumped into another mixing tank which is also acting as a hydrolysis and whereas the green line inputs are gonna be fed in directly before all the mixed up stuff will be pumped into the fermenters. After the fermentation process the digestate is separated into a liquid and into a solid phase for the usage of organic, agricultural fertilizer.

After the biogas plant Ahnikov, next to Chomutov, Rapotin is the second waste fermentation plant build by BioConstruct in the Czech Republic.