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History of Bioconstruct


Laying the foundation stone

- Founding of BioConstruct GmbH
- Construction of the first biogas plant
- Development and implementation of
  Region Regenerativ Melle (6 wind power plants,
  1 biogas plant, 2
photovoltaic installations)


Our fifth wind farm

Development and implementation of the wind farm at Frotheim/Isenstedt with three wind turbines


Our first system control

The first BioControl was a major step in the direction of intelligent biogas plant control


First large-scale biogas project

- Implementation of the three megawatt Kaarßen biogas plant with an investment volume of thirteen million
- Development and implementation of the Bad Essen wind farm with four wind turbines


Gas from grass

Construction of the first fermentation plant in northern Germany to use only grass


Move into a new office

For the first time, more than fifty employees and a move into a new office


First project abroad

Construction of the first biogas plant abroad (6.5 MW plant in Het Haantje, NL)


Technological quantum leap

- Construction of the first bio-methane injection plant (Neukammer project)
- Construction of the Melle agricultural technology center with the first heat-controlled and flexible biogas plant in Germany


The 100th employee

- More than € 50 million in sales for the first time
- More than 100 employees for the first time
- Financing and turn-key construction of the Fonte Cupa photovoltaic installation (IT) with a peak output of 650 kilowatts


Record sales

- Sales reach a record level of € 83 million
- Planning and turn-key construction of the Salzwedel ground-mounted photovoltaic installation with an output of 2.1 MWp


Own plant operation as a mainstay

BioConstruct maintains more than eighteen biogas plants of its own (financing and operation)


Renaissance of wind power

Construction of the Gehrde wind farm with four next-generation wind turbines and a total height of more than 200 meters


BGA Teesside

Turn-Key-Construction of our AD plant in Teesside, one of the biggest waste-to-energy plants in the UK.


Market entry

Commissioning of our first biogas plant in France, our initial step into one of Europe’s most promising biogas markets.