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Biogas plant Exeler

Andreas Exeler

Für uns war es von vornherein wichtig, dass unsere Biogasanlage von einem regionalen Anbieter errichtet wird. Das garantiert kurze Reaktionszeiten und Einsparungen bei den Fahrtkosten. Nachdem wir auf einem Kooperationsbetrieb in Ostwestfalen eine Biogasanlage von BioConstruct besichtigt haben, stand für uns sofort die Entscheidung fest: Auch wir wollten auf unserem Betrieb eine Anlage von BioConstruct betreiben und haben es bisher nicht bereut!

Andreas Exeler

The trust that the Exeler family put into us - BioConstruct - from the very beginning could and was not disappointed in the end! It was from the outset a well-designed and smoothly handled building site, not least because of the open and honest communication and handling between the client and us. Thus, larger interfaces such as the built on-site solid storage area, which, at the same time, provides space for the 100 m³ solid feeding system as well as the separation unit, or the connection and integration of the on-site pre-storage tank within the barn via a 200 m long pressure line, could be handled easily.

In order to feed the substrate mix which almost exclusively consists of solid materials without problems into the digesters, we decided to install a shredder unit prior to the liquid feeding pump, which was, at that time, newly introduced into the market by the manufacturer.

We recognized how passionate the Exeler family operated their agricultural business as well as their biogas plant, when, in 2017, we were contracted to expand their plant with two additional combined heat and power units to allow flexible operation. Such well-maintained plants and farms are not a matter of course.

City: Rheine / Since: 2015 / Power: 2 x 530 kW
1 x 250 kW

2017 upgrade from 780 kWel to 1.310 kWel