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Biogas plant Lünen

Dr. Achim Grunenberg

The biogas plant Lünen was commissioned still in December 2009. The nine CHP units place at different locations in the town centre producing heat and electricity from biogas thus supply 5.000 households with electricity and 1.250 with heat.

In BioConstruct the Stadtwerke Lünen GmbH found a partner with knowledge about the market and who implemented a tailor-made solution for the town of Lünen. Due to the good cooperation and BioConstructs broad experience in constructing biogas plants the installation in Lünen could be commissioned within one year. The intelligent heat concept substitutes 2 Mio. litres of heating oil in Lünen annually by local feedstock - a contribution to the environment that has a positive effects on the whole region.

Dr. Achim Grunenberg, General manager of Stadtwerke Lünen GmbH
Lünen, June 2nd 2010


Right! And we would like to add that the positive effects are of an economical nature as well. The use of renewable energies leads to local added value.

The city of Lünen owns a district heat grid since quite some time that was earlier fired by ship generators amongst others. We included this existing heat grid in our planning and combined it with a micro gas distribution system of 6,5 km length. In this way we achieve a highly efficient utilization of the biogas from the plant.

On the last picture on the bottom right corner you can see for example how a heating pipe is installed below a bridge crossing the river Lippe. The last but one picture shows one of the satellite CHP units placed at a hotel.

The biogas plant Lünen with its two characteristic blue steel tanks is charged with 44.000 t of maize silage and 26.000 t of manure annually. A specialty is the separate filling and removal station securing the emission protection at the location within a commercial area (3rd picture from bottom).

City: Lünen / Since: 2009 / Power: 10 x 250 kW

Micro gas distribution system (length 6,5 km), 10 satellite-CHP units with 250 kWel each, enamelled Steel tanks, Operated by municipal utility company