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Biogas plant Holterdorf

Sebastian Brüggemeyer

I knew from the start that I wanted to ferment 30-40% solid manure in my biogas plant. Today, I also use grass, rye, liquid manure and only 15% corn. So what’s important for me is having a plant that doesn’t “bitch” when I feed it difficult substrates.

The BioConstruct team promised me they could build such a plant – and they kept their promise. Despite constantly changing substrates my biogas plant works reliably with a utilisation rate of just under 95%.

Although I rarely require BioConstruct’s service, it’s good to know that I can reach a team of true biogas experts around the clock. I made the right choice with you, guys!

Sebastian Brüggemeyer
Holterdorf, 30 July 2013


Thank you, Mr. Brüggemeyer.

Yes, the high percentage of solid manure was indeed a challenge, but hey – anybody can do corn and slurry. We’re glad we could prove once again that whatever your preferred substrates are – we can build a suitable biogas plant.

The Holterdorf plant went online in 2010 with a power output of two times 190 kW. One of the two CHP units is situated 600 m away, where the heat output is used by a paint shop. Its drying cabins must be kept at a constant temperature of 65° C. By implementing this satellite cogeneration unit we were able to lower the paint shop’s heating costs by 25% while reducing CO2 emissions – meanding economics and ecology go hand in hand. 

City: Melle / Since: 2010 / Power: 2 x 190 kW

approx. 40% solid manure, Micro gas distribution system with satellite CHP unit in 600 m distance