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Biogas plant Nonantola

Lorenzo Zoboli

We wanted to make a safe choice – simply because we were making a considerably large investment. Therefore we were seeking a partner offering an all-in-one solution – one that combines quality, technology, experience and service. And I must say we really made a smart choice working with BioConstruct.

Despite the complexity of the technology, our plant’s construction is very simple, which makes it a low-maintenance solution. We are spending no more than 1.5 hours per day working at the biogas plant. 

We are experiencing a highly professional cooperation with BioConstruct’s on-site support teams in both Italy and Germany. Initial problems were solved directly within 24 hours. Ever since then, the biogas plant has been running smoothly – just as we had hoped. With this plant I sleep like a baby at night.

Lorenzo Zoboli
Nonantola, 23 July 2013


Well, that’s one of the best compliments we could wish for. Thank you so much, Mr. Zobili. And we promise to remain a good and reliable partner while you expand your biogas activities as planned.

Lorenzo Zoboli is one of four partners in Nanatola, Italy (in the Emilia Romagna region) that have decided to invest in biogas. Their plant is mainly fed with liquid manure but also with flour and whole grain. It produces sustainable energy for over 1,500 households.

City: Nonantola / Since: 2013 / Power: 1 x 1000 kW