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Biogas plant Randkanal Nord

Thomas Saure

BioConstruct has accompanied us through the long process of land-use planning and approvals. Construction and commissioning went swiftly and smoothly. The result of our cooperation is a plant that in the last 12 months had a utilisation rate of 96%. A key strength of our plant is the heat concept connecting our cogeneration unit with a nearby district heating plant. This takes in our heat throughout the year.

The raw materials are supplied by a cooperative of local farmers. RheinEnergie has been working with them for over two decades – especially to protect the ground water. The Kooperation is now extended to substrate production and plant operation. "Da simmer dabei" (“We’re with you”) – following RheinEnergie’s motto we take part in not just ensuring doog water but also producing clean bio energy. Our biogas plant also secures jobs and income for the people in our area.

Thomas Saure,
Erneuerbare Energien Bio- und Solarenergie (EEB)RheinEnergie AG
Cologne, 31 July 2013

We at BioConstruct are happy to be part on this coherent project by RheinEnergie AG. 

The biogas plant Randkanal Nord feeds 1.2 MW of natural energy into the public power grid. This covers the power demand of 3,000 households. At the same time, the plant produces heat that supplies various facilities in the nearby town of Dormagen. Prior to the construction of the plant, the region was heated by fossil domestic gas. Now all raw materials come from the fields in close proximity of the plant. 16 farmers supply 20,000 tons of biomass generated from about 400 ha of land.

The use for the environment is great because the energy production from biomass is CO2-neutral. The reason: the burning of biogas emits only the amount of carbon dioxide that the plants have previously withdrawn from the atmosphere. Compared with fossil fuels, the biogas plant saves about 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year. In addition to that, the 17,000 tons of fermentation residue are used as high quality fertilizer which makes artificial fertilizers unnecessary.

„Da simmer dabei, das ist pri-hi-ma“! (“We’re with you and we’re loving it!”) We can’t stop singing here, Mr. Saure! Thank you very much for your passionate support of bio energy!

City: Köln / Since: 2012 / Power: 1 x 1.200 kW

Operated by utility company, Heat use