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Biogas plant Vinni

Marko Pikk

Ich bin einfach nur stolz und glücklich, dass unsere Biogasanlage jetzt endlich am Netz ist. Es ist die erste professionell gebaute Anlage in Estland und wir hatten eine sehr schwierige Planungszeit von über 5 Jahren!

BioConstruct ist in all den Jahren an unserer Seite geblieben und hat uns unterstützt, wo es nur ging. 

Wir vergären seit Inbetriebnahme im Herbst 2012 ausschließlich Gülle und Mist, knapp 90.000 Tonnen im Jahr, und ja: die Anlage läuft einfach rund. Wir sind sehr zufrieden. Noch einmal: vielen Dank für alles! 

Marko Pikk,
Vinni, 11.09.2013


I am just proud and happy that our biogas plant is finally online. It is the first professionally built plant in Estonia and the planning phase of over 5 years was a difficult one!

BioConstruct was at our side through those years supporting us in any way possible.

Since commissioning in the autumn of 2012, we have been fermenting exclusively slurry and manure, almost 90,000 tons per year, and yes: the plant is running simply splendidly. We are very satisfied. Once again, thank you for everything!

Marko Pikk,

Vinni, 11 September 2013

And we are proud to have created this "lighthouse project" for the Baltic countries.  It's worth it to stay on the ball till the end.

In the process, the biggest challenges for us were of a technical nature. For example, temperatures of -25° C were not uncommon in the Estonian winters. We observed icicles forming on the biogas digesters that reached several meters long! But, all told, this enabled us to gather experience for perfecting plants in such extreme climates.

What else is there to say? For instance, fermenting slurry in biogas plants has a particular significance in light of climate change and protecting the environment. A not insignificant portion of the methane gas emissions (CH4) from animal farming originates from the slurry lagoons (approx. 10%). By using the slurry to produce power and heat in biogas plants, these CH4 emissions can be decreased up to 90%. And we think – since it's impossible to turn everyone into a vegetarian – this is a good beginning.

We thank Mr. Pikk for his trust and collaboration and for his effort in arranging an Estonian photographer for us. The pictures are brilliant!

City: Lääne-Virumaa / Since: 2012 / Power: 1 x 526 kW
1 x 844 kW