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We offer you the entire spectrum of renewable energies – with the experience we have gained in more than 250 completed biogas, wind power and photovoltaic projects.

Renewable energies are the energy sources of the future. With the construction of biogas plants, wind turbines and photovoltaic plants, farmers, municipalities, energy supply companies, landowners, and developers form the backbone of the energy revolution whilst reaping long term benefits from the consistently profitable renewable energies. We support you in this – with individual and cost-effective complete solutions, sound developer and user knowledge, and many years of expertise in the area of green technology.

In BioConstruct you have found a dedicated, solid, and reliable partner for the planning and realization of your renewable energies project. Over 15 years of experience in plant construction and project development make us one of the leading experts in the technology of tomorrow. We know how biomass, wind, and sun can be efficiently and economically used for heat production and electricity generation, and we support your project from the outset.

Biogas plants

We are among the best on the European biogas market! See for yourself!

Wind power

Profit from more than fifteen years of experience in the development and implementation of wind power projects!


Whether ground or roof mounted – whether with or without feed-in tariff: the future belongs to photovoltaics!

BioConstruct creates ready-to-use plants from a single source.

We plan, construct, and deliver wind power plants, photovoltaic plants, and biogas plants across Europe. As a general contractor and plant manufacturer for renewable energies we accompany you right from the planning and preparation phase of your project. We create project documents, procure regulatory permits, take on the required infrastructure and groundwork operations, deliver the complete plant, and carry out the required checks and test runs. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive knowledge of engineering and process technology, financing, permits, and operation. We are happy to advise you on the current legal environment, on possible subsidies for farmers and plant operators as well as on the sustainability and profitability of renewable energies. 

Wind turbines, photovoltaic plants, and AD-Plants by BioConstruct are always individual solutions, perfectly tailored to your business, your location, and your financial requirements. We build ready to use facilities, ensuring that you can plan and calculate without cost- and interface risks. Since the company’s founding in 2001, we have been able to complete more than 350 renewable energy projects – forward-looking plants that promote environmental and climate protection and generate good profits for their owners. Alongside the initial utilisation of renewable energies we also offer a qualified maintenance and replacement parts service as well as an emergency service.

BioConstruct works together with modern agriculture

We are a medium-sized business with our headquarters in Melle-Riemsloh, near Osnabrück in northern Germany. Incidentally, one of our own biogas plants is also located there – one of around two dozen that we own and operate. The use of biomass or biogas for the generation of heat and electricity in agricultural businesses is one of our focal points, as farmers are increasingly backing renewable energies in order to work more efficiently and exhaust the potential of their farm.

The required integration of renewable energies into existing structures also means a commitment to flexibility in electricity and heat generation. Biogas is a good example of an energy source here, as a biogas plant is not dependent on the weather or time of year. The output that it generates is available even without wind or on rainy days and can be demanded by the operator at any time.

The ready-to-use biogas plants by BioConstruct are equipped with long-lasting and state-of-the-art components so that they can work profitably with low power consumption and minimal maintenance.

The investment in renewable energies, by constructing a biogas plant for example, is always a good and right decision. However, it should be planned with care and foresight, so that the plant fits optimally into your budget and meets local and operational requirements - not just today but in the long term. With BioConstruct as a strong and reliable partner for renewable energies you can make your farm fit for the future – and your investment will not only pay off for you, but also for future generations.

Selected references

Biogas plant in Vettweiß

Wind farm in Gehrde

Photovoltaic installation in Salzwedel