Well. Our customers from Schleswig-Holstein are real northerners and therefore not very talkactive. So there wasn’t much more to get out of Mr. Mohr. Although he allowed us to quote what he said on another occasion: Mr. Mohr especially likes the down-to-earth character of the BioConstruct staff – none of them is aloof, the clever way the planning was carried out, that the bank could be persuaded and of course that it runs and runs and runs … In this case the picture says mors than a thousand words. Just click on it!

The biogas plant in Götzberg was commissioned in 2007. Since then it’s been running with an average utilisation of 99%. Do we have to say more?

Perhaps that it can be ruinous for women to visit this plant since it’s not just delivering heat to a pig breeding farm but also to one of the most beautiful plant nurseries in northern Germany. In any case the author of this text always has her trunk packed with shrubs and flowers when leaving Götzberg.

But let’s get back to the more relevant information: With an installed capacity of 549 kWel the biogas plant Götzberg produces electricity for approx. 1.100 households. With its dry fermentation it further supplies a heat equivalent of 439.000 l of heating oil. It uses an annual amount of 9.500 t of maize silage. Our scope of delivery included the permit and execution planning, the construction as EPC contractor and of course the commissioning and trial run.

Today we look forward to a lot more years of good partnership with Mr. and Mrs. Mohr. Thanks for the cake and have fun with the extensive photo shoot!