The biogas plant Dahlenburg is in mint condition although it already went on line by the end of 2007. During that time intelligent heat concepts were seldom implemented due to the fact that the feed-in tariff for electricity alone was enough for a good economic efficiency of the plant. But even back then the E-Werk Dahlenburg wanted more and together with them we installed a local heat grid and two heat sinks. To this grid all the surplus heat that is produced in the operation of the biogas plant is supplied. There is an on-site wood drying facility and a satellite CHP unit in 1,5 km distance supplying it’s thermal energy to greenhouses.

In total the biogas plant supplies three CHP units each with an installed electrical capacity of 549 kW covering the demand of 3.000 households. The produced heat equals an annual amount of 1.200.000 litres of heating oil. We’ve built two fermenter and two post fermenter with a volume of 2.200 m³ each and two additional digestate storage tanks of 5.800 m³ each.

Our scope of delivery included the permit and execution planning, the construction as EPC contractor and of course the commissioning and trial run.