Thank you Mr Schwarten, that’s what we like to hear!

And, of course, we’re delighted that our customers are still happy with us after such a long time.

In 2004 at the “Schuby” biogas plant, we installed for the first time an innovative mixing unit for the homogenisation of slurry and renewable raw materials before delivery to the fermenter. It was also our first system in Schleswig-Holstein, and at that time it ran at 500 kWel. Three years later we built a 500 kWel further system in Schuby, and in 2016 Mr Schwarten placed the order: even further expansion!

In the meantime we have installed a capacity of 4.406 kWel in Schuby, and the system is operating at optimum efficiency, thanks also to the diligence of the operator. It is extremely flexible and can react optimally to market conditions and to the requirements of the power grid operator. The farmhouse and the cowsheds are heated thanks to the biogas plant, with the feed of cattle slurry, maize silage, and sugar beets.