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Biogas plant Bukovec

Jan Šamberger

It’s necessary to express that I esteem the BioConstruct personnel for their dedicated attitude and experience during the construction and operation of this biogas plant. It’s a plant that is intelligently matched on our demands combined with a minimal expenditure of time for its operation.

Jan Šamberger
Bukovec, June 16th  2010



The biogas plant in Bukovec with an electrical capacity of 600 kW was our first project in the Czech Republic. According to our claim of being “close to the customer” the control system is in Czech as well as the whole plant is labelled bilingual. A big help for the planning and construction of the plant was our Czech business partner.

The plant was commissioned by the end of 2009 and was on full load within four weeks. We achieved this although it’s running on 50% of solid manure! Our customer Mr. Šamberger paid special attention on having a plant that is flexible in terms of the use of different inputs and that it can be easily expanded in the future. And as you can see he is very relaxed and satisfied with his biogas plant. As EPC contractor we were again able to satisfy all our customer’s requests without disregarding the plants economic efficiency.

Note on the customer’s statement: We tried to do the translation from Czech as literal as possible. You can find the original statement in the czech version of this webpage.

City: Holýšov / Since: 2009 / Power: 1 x 600 kW

approx. 50% solid manure