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Biogas plant Redefin

Ulf Wegener

I recommend BioConstruct to anyone looking for an all-round carefree package. These guys really took care of everything from A-Z. They planned and built all of my biogas plant’s components, including access roads, silo, halls, manure storage facilities and so on. And they took care of the complete product development process. The result is a tailor-made, highly profitable biogas plant featuring a unique heat concept. Through a 17-km-long gas pipeline we feed 5 CHP units and thereby supply the town of Hagenow with heat. It  comes as no surprise that everyone in town approves of our plant.

What convinced me right away is that BioConstruct planned my plant for heat-driven purposes right from the start. We now produce need-based heat and electricity and thereby live up to our aspiration of being a leader in sustainable energy in our region. 

Simply an all-round success story! 

Ulf Wegener?
Redefin, 15 August 2013

That’s exactly what we always aspire, Mr. Wegener. And because we are also excited about this concept, we are glad to be a shareholder of this plant. 

We’d like to add what you havn’t mentioned, being the modest man that you are: That is how you are setting standards in terms of the management of your facilities; standards that even we can still learn from. Each of your staff is equipped with a mobile control unit. That makes site inspections extremely efficient and effective as your database is automatically fed with all important operational parameters. Together we’ll get even better and together we can make it to 100% sustainability.

Here’s to the many years of great partnership. And thank you so much for the photo shooting.

One piece of information got lost in the mutual euphoria: Mr. Wegener is thrilled about the truly sophisticated feeding system that never lets him down – even when using challenging substrates. In his biogas plant in Redefin he ferments – among other things – over 30% poultry litter.

City: Redefin / Since: 2008 / Power: 2 x 250 kW
1 x 550 kW
3 x 630 kW

Micro gas distribution system (17km), approx. 30% solid manure