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Biogas plant Krukum (ATZ)

Henrik Borgmeyer and staff

To make one thing clear right up font: We’re not clients of BioContruct, we are part of BioConstruct.

The biogas plant Krukum is the heart of our Agricultural Technology Centre Melle. We operate it as a research and development plant that allows us to test virtually every aspect of the bioenergy production and utilization process before we recommend it to our clients – or not, for that matter. 

And yes, we are proud of this plant. It shows, doesn’t it?

It was in 2010 that we invested 5 Mio. Euros in our new Agricultural Technology Centre to further improve the biogas technology, to learn how to best combine it with other renewable energies, to boost “the renewables” altogether. That’s because we have a dream: 100% renewable energy! Affordable electricity and heat for all. In partnership with farmers and citizen companionships. In partnership with our clients.

We know it can be done. And we know how you can make a good profit from it. Please consider yourself invited to visit our biogas plant at the Agricultural Technology Centre Melle. We’re more than happy to you around. 

Henrik Borgmeyer, CEO BioConstruct GmbH (first on the left)
Melle, 9 August 2013

Our plant in Krukum was Germany’s first demand-controlled biogas plant in 2010. We here produce electricity and heat whenever they are needed.

City: Melle / Since: 2010 / Power: 2 x 370 kW
1 x 210 kW
1 x 150 kW
2 x 400 kW
3 x 530 kW

Micro gas distribution system with satellite CHP unit, District heating grid (heating school, open-air pool, church institutions), Wood carburettor