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Biogas plant Deblinghausen

Marion Wehrs

Da wir die Wärme für 80 Haushalte garantieren, brauchten wir ein Anlagenkonzept, dass dies sicher darstellen kann. Mit BioConstruct haben wir einen Anlagenbauer gefunden, der flexibel auf unsere Wünsche und Vorstellungen eingegangen ist und alles möglich gemacht hat, was möglich war.

In der Bauphase haben alle an einem Strang gezogen und jetzt im Nachgang werden wir bei Fragen weiterhin begleitet und beraten.

Kurz: Bis hierher eine rundum angenehme Zusammenarbeit!

Marion Wehrs
Deblinghausen, 23.08.2013

Yes, the operator collective Deblinghausen knows exactly what it wants. Right from the start – the fist talks took place in late 2011 – there was a clear focus on direct sales. Although, actually the whole town of Deblinghausen knew what it wanted in 2011; after all, the heat concept was already a done deal when we were asked if we could secure the full supply. And of course we can!

We planned larger gas tanks, developed a two-engine concept and integrated an innovative gas management system. Nearly the whole town is now being supplied with heat from the biogas plant. And the customers can be sure their homes are always warm and cosy. Because even if both cogeneration plants should fail simultaneously, a biogas heating system would take over.

The houses in Deblinghausen have no more radiators in their basements. Heating oil and common domestic gas was replaced with “homemade” raw materials and we really like that!

Parallel to the heat, the plant also generates electricity, of course. And the maximum power output takes place whenever the heat demand is highest: at daytime in the winter. How fortunate that this is also when the demand for electricity is highest – meaning stock prices are up. In other words: It is consequent, market-conform and profitable to commercialise the electricity produced in Deblinghausen directly.

And so we can return the friendly compliment of Mrs Wehrs and her partners. Because we really love to work for smart clients. 

* in addition to corn silage, the plant also ferments dried chicken faeces, pig manure and sugar beat leafs. Just bring it on!

City: Steyerberg / Since: 2013 / Power: 2 x 400 kW

Direct commercialisation, Dried chicken faeces, Domestic heating grid