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Biogas plant Vettweiß

Guido Bongard

My name is Guido Bongard and I am proud to manage the operation of the biogas plant in Vettweiß. This plant for gas feed-in is pure high-tech.

Should I say that BioConstruct builds the best biogas plants? That would sound all too credible. After all, I work for BioConstruct.

But I invite you to come by and see for yourself what makes the operation of these facilities so easy and efficient. It’s based on an intelligent concept and built very robust. That’s something you have to see, not read about.


Anyway ... I’m not a man of many words. So. I’ll see you around.

Guido Bongard, operating manager, biogas plant Vettweiß
Vettweiß, 2 August 2013

Thank you Guido. That’s how we know you. So we’ll do the talking.

The bio methane feed-in plant Vettweiß (North Rhine-Westphalia) went operational in December 2012. Following the one in Neukammer (Havelland), it is the second largest feed-in plant we’ve built so far – and it’s the first one we operate ourselves. By doing so, we gain valuable expert knowledge for the construction of further plants. Expertise that each of our clients profits from.

We process bio gas into domestic gas quality and feed this so-called bio methane into the public gas network. This enables the highest possible efficiency in terms of raw material use, because while the bio methane is converted into electricity 100% of the resulting heat is also put use. The domestic gas grid works as a giant transport and storage facility and the biogas also adds stability to the energy grid. That’s because it can be converted into sustainable power whenever the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

The raw materials for the plant in Vettweiß – namely sugar beets and corn – are supplied by over 40 farmers from the region. Speaking of which: We’d like to give them our warmest thanks for the good cooperation. We’d also like to thank the municipality of Vettweiß as well as the gas grid operator RWE for their great contributions to the realisation of the project.


Postscript regarding the technology: The plant’s treatment capacity is 550 Nm³ per hour. Technology supplier for the pressure washer is the Swedish company Malmberg Water AB. 

City: Vettweiß / Since: 2011 / Power: 1 x 370 kW
1x 530 kW
700 Nm³

Gas feed-in plant, Fermentation of sugar beets